For Gulf Coast/NOLA Residents ONLY

$21 for 21 days of classes
*For new clients only!

$70 per month (auto-debit) *Early cancellation fee

$30 for 30 days
*For new clients only

$55 per month (auto-debit) *Early cancellation fee

$16 each
*Expire 1 year after purchase

$35 per month (auto-debit) *FREE cancellation

$600 (one-time payment) *FREE cancellation

$35 per month (auto-debit) *Early cancellation feeĀ 

For National & International Visitors

$18 each
*Expire 1 year after purchase

$50 for 1 week of unlimited classes
*Includes free use of MYS Yoga Mat

$75 for 30 days of classes
*Doesn’t include MYS Yoga Mat

Cancellation Policy

Our early termination fee for any auto-debit membership is $99 except for the Student Membership which can be canceled for FREE.
Single-class passes expire 1 year after purchase.
If you need to cancel an In-Studio class, you must do so at least 2 hours before it starts. 6:15AM classes must be canceled by 8:00 PM on the evening prior to class. Late cancels and absences will incur a $16 penalty.