Magnolia Yoga is a proudly Black-owned and operated business. We practice Yoga (which means union) by welcoming all people. We are a healing sanctuary and safe space for all people with an emphasis on BIPOC individuals.

Over the past 6 years, we have created a diverse and vibrant community. A community filled with people who practice awareness as they step into our space as well as preparedness and reflection. We welcome you to experience our safe and empowered space. First, as our guest, to learn how to be among us and to share space with us as a community. 
If there is an open connection for more we invite you to join our membership or to become a regular client! 
At Magnolia Yoga, we enhance the world by adding value through Yoga, meditation, and community care. We practice this enhanced way of life day to day with our language, our decision-making at work and at home, and with our inner dialogue. 
In joining our community we ask for your cooperation in the following areas: 

We DO NOT welcome white privilege energy.
We DO NOT welcome white supremacy culture.
We DO NOT welcome patriarcal energy.
We DO NOT welcome taking out your trauma on our teachers, clients, or on our community.
We DO NOT welcome racism or xenophobia of any kind.

We DO welcome developing your conciousness and awareness.
We DO welcome community engagement.
We DO welcome taking responsibility for mistakes, old habits and misunderstandings.
We DO welcome your healing journey (begining, extending, and/or improving it with us).
We DO welcome communication by way of updates, check ins, and constructive feedback.

We encourage all new students/clients/visitors to read through our NEW STUDENT LETTER, found as a tab on this website. This letter will give you a clear understanding of our values, ethos, and vibe.

Overall, at Magnolia Yoga Studio, we do things differently.
We hold everyone to the same standards.
We teach, build, and organize with intention.
We keep an open mind.
We work with a real dedication in creating the world we want to live in today.

We welcome kindred spirits who believe in the possibility of a world filled with unity, peace, and optimal health.

Thank you,
Ajax & your dedicated Magnolia Yoga TEAM

What our Yogis are saying: