THANK YOU for Helping Us Eliminate The Struggle Cancer Causes Families Around the World!

WE RAISED $800 for the #ProjectOm class-- a national effort by Yoga Studios to educate & increase the awareness on Breast Cancer! This was a fun heartfelt multi-fasceted collaboration with Susan G. Komen, Manduka Mats, City of Love & Magnolia Yoga, thank you & NAMASTE! 

Sign up online - We're going DIGITAL!

We are going completely digital and no longer using cash!
In order to reduce our carbon footprint and to make our front desk more efficient it is required to sign in using our app. Go to the app store & search "Magnolia Yoga" - sign in using your name - book the class you'd like to attend.


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  We promote health & wellness by offering affordable beginner yoga classes to a diverse community in downtown New Orleans!

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