Parking Pass

We now offer all of our Magnolia Members a monthly parking pass for $5. Buy your pass at the studio and place it on your dashboard then park in the neighborhood where is says Parking Permit Required!




As we face a critical time in our society where we are collectively having to answer big questions regarding our health, our environment, our schools and communities, yoga is needed NOW more than ever. A yoga class is an opportunity to listen to your body, intuition and higher self; abilities that can easily get drowned out by the congestion & debris of everyday life.

Yoga is a designated time to gain clarity & courage to then take decisive action towards the priorities in your life. Some of these decisions and priorities can be new & intimidating, however within a yoga class one can build mental, emotional and physical strength to prioritize and follow through.


Yoga can be a stand alone form of physical exercise as it offers cardiovascular and muscle strengthening benefits along with mental and emotional relief. However, yoga is also incredibly useful for the amateur to the professional athlete.

At Magnolia Yoga we feel a huge responsibility and impetus to establish a working relationship with the athletic world; specifically active runners, cyclists, dancers, professional sports teams of Louisiana and local college teams.

Many athletic departments and programs around the world implement yoga as part of their regimen. Not only does yoga help prevent major injuries that can take athletes out for a season, yoga can speed up recovery time, build uncanny focus, improve group dynamics, awareness, agility, capacity, camaraderie and balance to the athletic psyche.

Yoga will only continue to grow in the world of sports and we want to be a part of that growth. Yoga for athletes is equivalent to the guards they wear, the helmets and any other protective gear; as it will keep athletes safe, ensuring them as commodities to their teams, schools & investors and preserve them as the heroines and heroes of our modern day lives!  We look forward to our future athletic collaborators.


In addition to serving our clients who walk through our doors, Magnolia Yoga is committed to taking “yoga beyond the yoga studio” by creating yoga outreach efforts. Outreach plays multiple roles within the work and goals at Magnolia Yoga.

Magnolia Yoga is intent on getting more yoga to more people, more often. We believe in the benefits of yoga and we understand not everyone is aware nor has accessibility to yoga. We plan on creating collaborations with businesses, hospitals, recovery centers, schools and with incarcerated youth. It is our goal to become a yoga provider at various “yoga posts” throughout New Orleans, Louisiana.