Magnolia Yoga offers weekly classes grounded in our core values of Diversity in Yoga, Inclusivity in Yoga, and Affordability in Yoga.
The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our collective awareness around health and wellness, which has allowed us to step into a sacred role of offering our Yoga & meditation services to many teams across the country.  
As a wellness business, we understand that a healthy workforce directly translates to increased productivity and progress. We also recognize that grounding and centering your workplace team creates an inclusive space, builds rapport, and prioritizes growth and healing.

Our Private Yoga & Wellness Programming provides organizations, schools, universities, and summits with the opportunity to empower their employees’ life! We strive to improve the natural energy and stress-management techniques as well as enhance the level of synergy and circuitry of your team community. By incorporating our weekly Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise sessions into your employees’ routines, you can expect improvement in their mental and physical health. 

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