We offer quality HOT yoga classes for beginners to advance practitioners all week long with a little variety to liven things up as your week unfolds!

60 Minutes

An abbreviated 26.2 method class. Good for the regular practitioner who is on the go that day but cannot & WILL NOT go without their HOT yoga! Also good for folks who work close by who can come & take refuge in class during their lunch hour.

Tuesday 7:30pm
Thursday 7:30pm
Friday at 12 noon

75 Minutes

A 26.2 method class very well rounded, offered once a day Monday-Friday, ideal for the beginner and the seasoned practitioner.

Monday-Friday at 6:15am.
Sunday at 4:30pm!

90 Minutes

The original 26.2 class format and the most ideal amount of time to dedicate to your HOT yoga practice for both beginners and advance practitioners,

Monday 5:45pm
Wednesday 5:45pm
Saturday 10am